A Brief History of Kitchens

A Brief History of Kitchens

A Brief History of Kitchens

Traditionally, kitchens were small rooms that kitchen remodel – Bloomington IL were hidden from view. A number of rooms were connected to the kitchen, including servant-halls, dining rooms and sideboard rooms. They were also connected to scullery.

The main purpose of a kitchen was to store food and to prepare it for consumption. It was also an important part of social life. Its structure varies according to the region.

Kitchens were usually connected to scullery or servant-halls. They had several exits and entrances. They also had several workstations. Each workstation had an oven, sink and kitchen utensils. They were also connected to larders and were connected to servant-halls.

Kitchens were used for both social and food preparation. Kitchens were generally used by households or business establishments. Some residential kitchens are large and are used for entertaining. They may also have a kitchen garden.

Kitchens were also designed to make the best use of space. The work triangle was considered important. The sink was usually located at the base of a “U” shape. Each station had a sink, a stove, a prep table, hood vents and kitchen utensils.

The kitchen was used by the middle class and the upper class in urban areas. The middle class has gas stoves and the upper class has electric or gas stoves. They also usually have a sink, a refrigerator and worktops.

In the early 1900s, homes were smaller. However, the average size increased. This resulted in the design of larger kitchens.

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