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Learn To (Do) The Vanity Of Vanities Like A Professional

The expression “Vanity of vanities” has an interesting history, with the Hebrew term ‘awen’ meaning “to adorn with vanity,” and being frequently used in combination with iniquity and mischief. It also has an equally strange word, ‘Shaw’, which means “iniquity.” So, when interpreting the phrase, we must remember to keep the original meaning in mind. […]

Blog News Post Vanities

The Vanity of Vanities

A vanity is an object which is not useful and is not meaningful. It is a type of waste, since it contains no real substance. It is also an indication of uncertainty, which makes it unsuitable for a bathroom. While many people want a certain assurance of the future, others are content to experience the […]

Blog News Post Vanities

What Are Bathroom Vanities?

The term vanity refers to the vanity mirror used by women. In the Bible, the word is translated as ‘vapors,’ which is a direct contrast to the Greek version. The Anchor Bible, which was written in the mid-20th century, translates this word as ‘vanity’. The idea is to make the mirror as ephemeral as possible, […]

Blog News Post Vanities

Updating Your Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are essential fixtures in the bathroom. They combine a sink with storage space. The options for bathroom vanities are practically endless. Not only do they add functionality to the space, but they also add a touch of style. By updating the existing bathroom vanity, you can improve the overall look of the room. […]

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