DCI – Bathroom Design Centers

DCI – Bathroom Design Centers

DCI – Bathroom Design Centers

New York City is home to some of the best showrooms for bathroom design lovers. With lighting, furniture, washbasins, bathtubs, and accessories to choose from, there is something for everyone. DCI – bathroom design centers offer high-end products and project consultation services. This is a great place to start your next remodeling project!

Product Selection

DCI – bathroom design centers provide clients with access to premium products from around the world. They offer a one-stop shop for everything from custom cabinets and appliances to plumbing, countertops, closet systems, and tile. They also offer design consultation services. Their expert team will assist you in choosing the right products for your project. You can visit their showroom in New York City (walk-ins welcome), or call for an appointment to learn more about their design services. These bathroom design centers are a great resource for those looking to remodel their homes or build new ones. They have a wide variety of designs to choose from and they are a great source for ideas on the latest trends.


Whether you’re looking for a bathroom makeover or just a bathroom upgrade, you’ll want to enlist the aid of professionals. Using a team of licensed and insured tradesmen to handle the heavy lifting, you can count on a quality end result that will have you and your family smiling a mile high. From start to finish, DCI – bathroom design centers will help you plan, budget and execute the perfect bath fit. The first step is to take a good hard look at your current space to figure out what you need to improve upon, before launching into the task at hand.


As one of the most central elements in making a patron, customer, or even an employee, feel valued, bathrooms need to exhibit the same type of thoughtfulness given to every other aspect of the human experience in a building. A 2011 study by John Goins, Center for the Built Environment, University of California, Berkeley, and Mithra Moezzi, Portland State University, suggests that an organization that provides a bathroom that is thoughtfully designed and features materials that wear well will be more positively evaluated than one that does not.

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