Home Vanities – How to Choose the Right Vanity For Your Bathroom

Home Vanities – How to Choose the Right Vanity For Your Bathroom

One way to spice up your bathroom is to add a vanity. A home vanity can be as simple as a white countertop and a sink. It can also be as elaborate as a full bathroom set. The variety of styles is endless, and the vanity can match your overall design scheme. Read on to learn how to pick the perfect vanity for your home. Below are some ideas. You can choose from the variety of options. Once you’ve decided on the style, you can decide on the materials, design, and color.

Vanity heights vary, but typically they are between 30 and 36 inches. Smaller models can be 24 inches tall, while larger ones can reach up to 72 inches. The depth of the vanity is generally 21 inches, although some models can be as low as 24 inches. Regardless of size, the sink’s placement is an important consideration. A pedestal sink is fine in a small bathroom with minimal traffic. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Vanity dimensions vary greatly, but the typical depth of a single-sink vanity is about 21 inches. The countertop extends one to 1.5 inches beyond the front of the vanity. Width is the most variable dimension, with single-sink vanities ranging from thirty to 48 inches wide. A standard double-sink vanity can be sixty to 72-inches wide. And when you want to add storage, consider adding a vanity that can accommodate all of your bathroom essentials.

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