How to Customize Bathroom Vanities

How to Customize Bathroom Vanities

A vanity can be a useful and functional storage area. But it can also be a beautiful way to express your personality. Decorative items can be used to line the drawers and wipe the interior clean. You can even add your own decorative touches, like an ornamental clock or a cute jar for storing cotton puffs. For added flair, you can also add an antique perfume bottle or jewelry box. The possibilities are endless! There are many ways to customize a vanity, and there are some ideas that will make it your own.

Vanity cabinets are built around a bathroom sink, and most have a countertop and drawers. Vanities can also include a vanity table, which can be used for applying makeup and coifing hair. Vanity tables usually have a low top, several mirrors, and a chair or bench. In addition, some can feature built-in soap dispensers. Some can be combined with a bench or a chair. The style and color of a vanity is personal preference.

Vanity cabinets are usually made around a bathroom sink. They contain drawers and a countertop. Vanity tables are often low and have several mirrors. Some have a stool or bench to sit on, allowing you to use the table while applying makeup. In addition to the traditional sink and mirror, some vanities have drawers under the surface for additional storage. If you’d prefer a bench, you can also choose a bench and seat for a more comfortable sitting arrangement.

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