The Different Types of Bathroom Vanities and How to Choose the Right One

The Different Types of Bathroom Vanities and How to Choose the Right One

There are several types of bathroom vanities, and each one serves a different purpose. All of them offer a sink and space for storage. A vanity will have a countertop, a sink, a faucet and taps, and it can even have a built-in soap dispenser. Typically, these vanities are made from wood, although there are some models that feature a more modern, contemporary look. This article will cover the different types of bathroom vanities and how to choose the right one.

A vanity top is often made of laminate material. This material is composed of several sheets of paper glued together. This material is strong, but can collect water over time. Because it is cheap, it is a good choice for a vanity top. But, it is important to remember that these vanities are not ideal for bathrooms with children. If you have a small child, you might want to consider purchasing a locking vanity, so you can protect it from being accidentally opened by a toddler.

Another option is to choose a vanity with a laminate top. These are the most durable and eco-friendly, and they are the ideal material for bathrooms. They can withstand varying temperatures and humidity without collecting water. However, they are not waterproof, so you may want to choose a locking version. This will ensure that your valuables are secure. The cost of these vanities will depend on the materials used for the vanity top.

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