Types of Bathroom Vanities

Types of Bathroom Vanities

There are many different types of bathroom vanities, but some have similar features as others. For example, pedestal sinks are more traditional and can be found in a variety of styles. Free-standing vanities can hold a single sink or two. They can be purchased in different materials, but most are made from wood. Some models feature ceramic items around the top area. These vanities may be more expensive than other types, but they can be an excellent choice for bathrooms with limited space.

Modern-day bathroom vanities are often comprised of particle board, a composite material of wood and glue. These materials are compressed into sheets, and they can come in many sizes. These vanities are usually more affordable than other types, and are typically covered with a durable material. If you’re on a tight budget, particle-board vanity options may be a great choice. While these options are cheaper than other types of vanity materials, you should know that they won’t be as durable as other options.

The most important consideration when choosing a vanity for your bathroom is the space it provides. Pedestal sinks are good for small bathrooms, but you’ll want more storage space. A bathroom vanity can be a focal point in the room and provide many different functions. For example, some master vanities come with a seat area where you can apply makeup or do your hair. A few also include a built-in hamper and charging station for your cell phone. Other vanities include a pullout step stool for easy access.

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